Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty. This origami rose is easy to make and will probably become a staple in your repertoire of origami flowers. Once you’ve made a couple of roses and leaves it will take no more than five minutes to make a pair.

The origami rose and leaf were designed  by Gay Merrill Gross (USA).  Gay is a prolific origami artist, teacher, and book author. She has a knack for creating simple and beautiful origami models like this rose and leaf.

The following step-by-step video shows how to make Gay’s Quickie Rose, a leaf, and a variation. Thank you Gay for giving permission to share your rose and leaf.

Tips and suggestions for making the origami rose and leaf

  • Many kind of papers can be used to make this origami rose.
  • In the video, the rose and the leaf are demonstrated using a paper similar in weight as office paper.
  • “Tant” paper is make a good choice too. Do experiment with thinner papers as well.
  • The finished origami rose shows both sides of the paper so paper with the same color on both sides would be ideal.

  • The paper for the leaf should be about three quarters the size of the square for the rose.
  • If the paper size for the rose is 4×4-inch (10×10cm) the leaf should be sized 3×3-inch (7.5×7.5 cm).
  • This origami rose is the perfect model to make a lei or garland of flowers.