Android Game Review

In general the main goal of the game is to create various shapes from the piece of paper given. Sounds not that tough, ha? Still just try it, to see how good you can be.
Let’s Fold is the mobile game avalueble on the iOS and Android and already has more then 20,000 5 star rating.

Within the game you have more then 7 levels, consisted 9 puzzles each, with it’s own stage design and difficulty as well. Actually there is no any wrong moves or bad decisions in the game  – you just grab a paper and fold it to get a result needed. Thus you still have to be presided of what you doing, or you won’t succeed the level.

Every level has the spesial rating that can show your progression. You can earn up to a 3 start on the stage, and some green leaves everyday you play. Those will be needed later to unlock next level.There is a Halloween section that costs 10 gold leaves which you can purchase with real cash or turn in green leaves for gold ones. I would assume that there will be other seasonal sections too.

If you are stuck or going in the wrong direction, the game can be stopped, to start the level ones again, or you can use some hints, but that killing all the fun, you know.

I like this game ever since I try it for the first time, and it will be the best choice for those how like pussels as much as I do. This is a game that will take some time and will work your brain. So why not try to see how well you can fold a piece of paper.