Are you fond of Origami? Or the paper folding Art?Then this app is just for you!

Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle game is one of the best ways to practice your skills, or to master them of the whole new level. You will experience more than 15 levels to play and this number will be increased with time. Faire challenge to those who seek the adventure!

Within the game your main priority is to promptly fold the pieces into different shapes and dimensions to get a new  thing every time. As the level of difficulty grows from level to level you can easily learn all the basics just throughout the entire game.    

Key Features:

Variety that keeps you playing – crafting is what makes us be the creator. And when the piece of paper that starts every level turn into something really different, is what makes you keep repeating the process every time. And the more you create the more difficult the game become.

Customize the surrounding – the game comes with more than 5 different themes that can, changed anytime you want, in case the existing one is to bothering for you

Hints to be a pro – if you stuck on some point or can’t figure out what to do next to bit the level, there a good to go button called hints. This can be of a great help for those who just start to make there moves in the game, as well as origami world.

Be the one you want – of course every game is all about challenge and the character as well Let’s Fold come up with more than 50 different characters that can be unlocked during the game as well as those that are available on the start point.

Rating is all that matter – this is, with nor a doubt on of the most up to date for your skill information the game can give. And with the every level rating system you can actually see your progression, to understand how hard you bit the game this time

Game Graphics

Challenge is good, but the looks of the game is what meets the user on the first place, and this parameter must meet the highest level. Let’s Fold is one of the coolest puzzle game when it comes to a looks. Well-designed, sleek and snappy graphics that make the game-play an absolutely refreshing experience – especially when using a device with a big enough screen size. Every level has it own design and features that even more get you onto the game world.

Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle game is relatively easy to play, yet requires that the player masters a certain level of paper folding skills for each level. The game’s controls are simple and are taught to the player in the first level. The game’s screen layout is well designed to enhance the game-play experience.

Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle game is an Origami puzzle game that let users practice the fun Origami paper folding art on any recent iOS device. The gaming app is free on the iTunes App Store.

The whole concept of playing Origami on your iPhone or iPad is extremely exciting. Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle is one gaming app that deserves a try, especially if you are an avid puzzle games fan.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5